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Inviting Tsumiki to your server

If you haven't Invited Tsumiki yet, click here to get Tsumiki in your server!

The invite process is fairly simple, but let me explain it nonetheless to prevent any misconfiguration when inviting the bot.

Step 1 - Select the desired server

You have the option to select which server you can invite Tsumiki too.

However, this requires you to have the permission Manage Server on the server you select.

Step 2 - Setting up Tsumiki's permissions

This part of the process is very important to not mess up, otherwise we'll have to manually adjust her guild role permissions later.  In case something do goes wrong here, no need to worry, Tsumik is built to give you a message if something isn't  right. We got your back, otherwise you're always welcome to ask in our Support server!

All you have to do is click Authorize and Discord will fix the rest for you. This basically creates a new role on your server called the bot's name, in this case "Tsumiki". The role in itself cannot be applied to other members or deleted.

If you do want to Give Tsumiki a unique color, feel free to change the boring gray color it comes with by default.

Configuring the server settings

Step 1 - Changing the server prefix

Tsumiki's prefix is by default: ~

You can at any time change the prefix for your guild.

Do note that if you want to change the prefix, you either need to have Administrator or Manage Server permission. Anyone can see the server's prefix by simply tagging Tsumiki in chat and include the word "prefix".

e.g: @Tsumiki#0772 Prefix


There is currently two ways to set the server prefix:

Remember to remove the < and > when you use the command! No spaces are allowed, use _ instead!

Through Prefix command:

~Prefix Set <Value>

Through Config command:

~Config Prefix <Value>

Step 2 - Setting up a server description

Want to have a custom server description?  Well, say no more. Tsumiki allows you to do just that! This will let users who search for your server through the serverinfo command see your custom server description, along with other stats about your server. Let your server stand out amongst other servers with a custom description!

You can set a Server Description through the Config Command.

~Config desc <New Description>

Getting familiar with the Help List

Getting the Help List on the server:

Tsumiki's Help List is an embed with paginated pages (multiple pages) and can be a shock to some people who have never seen that feature before. To get started type the following command in chat. Do note that if you have changed the prefix in one of the previous steps, you have to replace the default shown prefix below with your own customized one!

To get the help list in chat, do the following command:


So, once you've gotten yourself the Help List, you'll notice that it has two arrow emojis, one to the left and one to the right. If not, please make sure that Tsumiki has "Add Reactions" AND "Use External Emojis" permission in the channel. Retry the command and if it still doesn't show, feel free to join the Support Server for further support.

You can react to the arrow emojis to switch page, do note that they will not collect your reaction after 30 seconds of inactivity from last reaction/or if none was given the first 30 seconds since it was sent.

Getting the Help List in DMs:

You can also get the Help List in chat, either all pages, multiple pages or just one. See below for all the available options with examples.

To get all pages in DMs:

~Help DM

Get one page in DMs:

~Help DM <Page>


~Help DM 3

Get multiple pages in DMs:

~Help DM 1-3

Returns page 1, 2 and 3.

Get information about a command

You are probably confused what a command does, since there is no command usage available on Help List. So where is it? Well, you can easily find information about a command either from the standard way, through the Help command, or some commands also feature their own little help command, see below for some examples on how to find information about a command both ways.

Standard way through Help Command

Get information about a command through Help command: (Alias cmd)

~Help Command <Command Name>


~Help cmd Hug

Through a command that has its own Embed Help

Some commands has their own supported Help Embed. Many commands has it by default, but there are still some that doesn't right now, but might get one in the future. You can also easily see this on the Help List. See picture below.

Through a command that has its own Help embed.

~Kitsu Help

Some useful tips

Tsumiki is a Action bot, which means  that its main focus is her Action Commands.

Many of these are currently in the making and is rolling out occasionally. Any suggestions or constructive feedback about them are welcome, just let me know on our Support Server.

Do you enjoy Tsumiki? Or maybe you think she's pretty cool?

Well, I don't currently accept donations, but you can vote on Tsumiki here.

This lets me know that some people out there supports my bot! <3

Found a bug?

Report it through our Support Server or open a issue here on Tsumiki's Public Github Repo. Make sure to select the appropriate label if you decide to open a issue on Github.