Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tsumiki?

Tsumiki is a discord bot,  based on the anime character Tsumiki Miniwa, from the anime Acchi Kocchi. She features anime-related content and commands. One of Tsumiki's main features is her action commands, these are 100% anime-themed and resolves around giving a user the chance to express themselves through various actions.

Is there a way to see all of Tsumiki's commands?

If you type ~help to receive the help list in chat. Or you can simply do ~help dm to receive all pages in DMs.

You can also define which pages to receive, e.g ~help dm 1-3 - This will give you page 1, 2 and 3 in DMs.

Tsumiki isn't responding... what to do?

First of all, before you start. Let's make sure that you get the right solution, depending on your situation.

If you recently invited the bot, please look at solution 1 first then solution 2.

If the bot has worked before and has been in the server for a few hours, please look at solution 3.


Solution 1:

Let's check the permissions for Tsumiki first. Go to your server settings, then navigate to "Roles". From here, please go down to the role called "Tsumiki", then check if the bot is missing any of the following permissions: Manage Nicknames, Change Nickname, Read Messages, Send Messages, Manage Messages, Embed Links, Attach Files, Read Message History, Add Reactions and Use External Emojis.


If the bot has all of these checked, please navigate to a server channel you wish to use the commands in. First go into that channel's settings, then navigate to Permissions, and then click on the plus sign to add a new override. From here please choose either the role named "Tsumiki" or Tsumiki (user).  Apply all the permissions above and try using a command again. If its still not working, see solution 2 and 3.


Solution 2:

If you try to using a command in a channel that you have disabled permissions on. By that I mean for the @everyone role in specific, and without any override for Tsumiki. If so, you might want to set up an override for Tsumiki. Since otherwise the bot will not work, since Tsumiki will be included in whatever permission you have for @everyone.


Still doesn't work? Let's see solution 2.


Solution 3:

If all permissions for the bot is working as intended, else see solution 1 for help with that. It might be that the bot is in maintenance mode, but it usually isn't unless you try to use a command and the bot replies with that its in a maintenance mode.

If the bot still doesn't work in the next 30 minutes after you first tried, please join the Support server to report it.

What's so unique about Tsumiki?

Okay, so the selling point for the bot is the unique Mention System that she has.

To put it into one sentence; It removes the default and annoying @mention tag for doing commands, just imagine tagging someone silently or being tagged silently. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, you can mention AS MANY AS YOU WANT. The only limitation is Discord's 2000 character limit sadly.


Do note that every mention after 10 will be included in the X counter, which displays "and X others!" after the 10th mention.

How often does Tsumiki update?

Usually once a week, or whenever I find a bot breaking bug. Patches for bugs happens regularly and smaller updates occurs on a regular basis. Smaller updates is often scheduled along with major pushes, so the bot will remain online as much as possible. Any new commands is usually released with major pushes, but sometimes they can be released as a standalone push. This is usually to allow users to test it and lets me as a developer to fetch useful stats and catch any unwanted bugs that wasn't caught during the initial debugging of the command pre-patch.

Is Tsumiki's code available to the public?

No, and I do not intend to make them public, not right now at least.

You can however find Tsumiki's public github repo, which hosts some useful information.

Does Tsumiki have a main support server?

Yes she has! Come join us here.

There you can get bot updates, news and see currently planned features (if any)

Are you a professional coder?

Believe it or not, I didn't know anything about Discord.js or Javascript before I started. I had some knowledge about C# from a game jam when I was attending a E-Sport school years back. In the beginning I had to read myself up on everything. But if I went from zero to hero, so can anyone else!

Do you plan on hiring developers/server moderators?

In short, anyone who is willing, can apply for moderator on the support server, which are unpaid.

As for developers, I will not directly hire anyone, but I'm open for questions about it.